Minoan cookery & pottery

A completely new experience!

Explore Minoan cooking practices in a hands-on activity at our hotel. Try recipes prepared by the Minoans at cooking and wine-tasting lessons in a unique setting we have designed especially for our visitors.

A team comprising scholars, chefs, environmentalists and technical experts have devised an outdoor cooking demonstration that recreates as closely as possible the way in which the ancient Cretans prepared and enjoyed a celebration, using a collection of ceramic copies of ancient Minoan cooking vessels and utensils.

Sample age-old flavours such as pork stew with leeks, honey and sage, slow-cooked lentils with onions and garlic, flavoured with honey and cooked down with fresh olive oil and sea salt, or octopus simmered in beer or wine and flavoured with thyme and honey.

The “Minoan Tastes” menu has been designed according to archaeological findings and environmental studies conducted in Crete. All dishes are prepared using fresh, local products in season and cooked in clay vessels over an open fire.

Minimum number of participants :10
Cost: 60 euros per person


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